Welcome dear readers,

For links to reviews, my website, the Etsy Shop and to buy Book One and Book Two and now Book Three of Little Eden click here

Links to places to purchase both eBook and paperback of Book OneBook Two and now Book Three

Thank you for visiting with us here at Little Eden. I hope you enjoyed the novel and got cosy with a cuppa and a slice of cake…if you don’t already have your very own copy, you can buy a paperback copy from Amazon in any country, here is the link to Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.com (there is free post & packing in the UK). You can buy a signed copy directly from me at Etsy or order one from WHSmith

It’s the spirituality that makes it a magic book. It’s full of new matrix keys and portals, it can help expand your mind and open your heart!

For a walk around Little Eden in images, come and follow my boards on Pinterest!

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It is the most interactive book you’ll read all year and here on WordPress there are lots of bits and bobs about the book.

Here on the blog you’ll find the Soundtrack page which will give you links straight to iTunes for all the songs featured in Book One.

At my Etsy Shop you can purchase some of the crystals used by the characters in the novel, along with beautiful handmade healing crystal bracelets.

For exclusive spiritual and Little Eden articles each month, you can come and join me on Patreon.com and help support me whilst I write book two!

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For personal healing sessions with me come and visit me at www.ktkinghealing.com

The 21st Century Prayers page will give you direct links to Amazon so that you can purchase one or more of the prayer books – they are only 99p for 12 prayers! Some of them feature in Little Eden and are used by the characters to seek comfort and help along the way.

On the CFS/ME page you can find more information about chronic fatigue syndrome, links to organisations for information and help, as well as for domestic abuse, depression and other issues which feature in the novel. I can’t earn a living due to having CFS so rely on my family for support. Please consider supporting me as I write on either Patreon or buy me a coffee, thank you!

I hope you really enjoy being here today and many days to come! Keep visiting for updates on the launch date in the autumn.

Enlightenment leads to compassion…compassion leads to enlightenment…

Love KT

P. S Just to say, I apologise if any of the adverts on here are not in keeping with the essence of this blog but they are beyond my control and are placed here by WordPress.


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