21st Century Prayers

Hello again, dear readers.

Welcome to the 21st Century Prayer books. These beautiful prayers were channelled from spirit to help build a bridge between the old and the new matrix and carry updated pure energy keys within the words. In the books there are 12 prayers as well as commentaries on each prayer and information on how to use them and about the new matrix.

Prayer helps us connect with our spiritual core, align with compassion and inner peace. The prayers help to heal and clear the emotional, mental and physical bodies and so work with your mind, body and soul.

Some old prayers are spells which tie you into religious consciousness. This is why many people have given up on prayer. Prayer is like taking a shower for your energy system if the prayer keys are pure! Just like meditation, yoga, healing or any form of relaxation, prayer can help reduce anxiety, stress, insomnia and fear.

All three books combine updated Buddhist and Christian keys to create the united and universal new matrix consciousness, which is suitable for all soul and DNA types. Book 1 is slightly more Christian, Book 2 slightly more Buddhist and Book 3 helps you release even more Christian codes.

If you would like to use the prayers, please just click on the book covers to go straight to Amazon to purchase as an e-book. They are only 99p each (or free with Amazon Unlimited), so that, everyone can afford them. Please leave a review on Amazon as the more reviews a book gets, the easier it is for others to find the books!

Thank you for your support and for spreading the light around the world!

Just click on the covers to go straight to Amazon/Kindle

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5 star reviews…Book 1

Beautiful prayers to release emotional blockages and bring the gift of healing into your daily life. Helping with your spiritual development and enlightenment, I have found these prayers invaluable in my own personal life and feel they are pure and compassionate, I would recommend these to anyone of any faith who is seeking comfort, support and healing.
Very apt set of prayers nice to have a digital copy to have with you for whenever you might want to dip in and an absolute bargain for what you are paying go ahead and give them a go.

A beautifully written book of prayers. This book is fantastic and reaches out to a wide range of people. The prayers are easy to use in everyday life. A little helping hand that we all need at certain times. I would highly recommend this book.
This book is well written and filled with wonderful prayers for any situation, lovely!

Truly amazing prayers for the 21st century.

‘Really high vibration and felt like a meditation when I read it, makes me more able to go on, thank you’ Ruth
‘I don’t know what I would do without them, they are very pure and I feel them strongly because the words ping through my aura, lovely!’ 

5 Star reviews…Book 2

Another fab book it I can`t wait to use these prayers to aid me and to help my journey further.

What I love is when one is lost or off track without being aware, this wonderful little book brings one back on track and opens ones awareness back to the bigger picture and the pathway ahead. Thank you
Prayer Book 2 contains well written and comforting prayers to help us through our human journey. Inspiring and wise words a lovely book!
Another wonderful prayer book!

A prayer book for all denominations, and ages.

‘These wonderful prayers help me to feel calm and connected – they help me live in the presence.’ 

Some people find praying is very useful for maintaining their link to their spirit guides and the higher vibrations of compassion, love and joy.

Prayers can sometimes link us to undesirable energies, so I have made sure that these prayers link directly to source and create no religious tie-ins.

The prayers work better the more you use them. I have learnt some off by heart and say them at least twice a day. I kept them short and sweet, so that, they are easier to learn and you can use them in the post office queue, on the loo and anywhere you like, when you need to re-connect or get a comfort boost.

Look out for Book 3 – The True Saints…coming soon…

Love KT

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