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So, you’ve found your way here to the soundtrack page, thank you so much for purchasing and for reading Little Eden! I scattered songs throughout the stories because I find music very healing in everyday life and its an easy way to lift your spirits on a daily basis. The ones in the book are songs which either cheer me up or remind me that I am not alone, even when it feels like it. We are surrounded by benevolent beings of light, who just happen to be invisible to most people but as Sophie tells Alice, ‘They are just a thought away.’

Due to copyright I have to send you directly to a commerical site and the links are to ITunes, so you’ll need the app. For Book Two I have put links to Utube instead of ITunes please scroll down to find the songs for Book Two!

The links here should work okay, but if you have any trouble using them, you can just go directly to ITunes or utube and search for them yourself.

I hope you enjoy these songs and I really hope that they help you as they have helped me…

Book One

Get Happy, Ted Koehler & Harold Arlen, Judy Garland

In Chapter 2, the Little Eden Gospel Choir sing in memory of Lilly, at her funeral. Being a stage and screen star, Lilly sang this song many times in her career and was a huge admirer of Judy Garland. Although this version sounds a little dated now, it is a powerful reminder that death is not the end of our lives, but the transition and the beginning of something exciting, wonderful and eternal.

Swing Low Sweet Chariot, Vocal Works Gospel Choir

Also sung at Lilly’s funeral in Chapter 2, this is a classic gospel song reminds us that death is just a part of eternal life and there is nothing to be afraid of as we pass over because there are angels to take us to the heavenly realms. In Buddhist terms you’d go to the Pure Lands in the after life and you’ll find your way there with the help of the Buddhas!

Your love keeps lifting me, Jackie Wilson

In Chapter 4, this song is being sung in the cafe as Sophie, Lucy, Jack and Robert return from their escapades in the crypt. Although it could be said that this song, and the other’s listed are about earthly love, they can also be interpreted as being about spiritual love, lifting us higher, raising our consciousness and raising our emotional body to the higher vibrations such as joy, compassion and love. If we loved each other as God or Buddha would do, we would all be lifting each other up all the time!

Love Train, Kenny Gamble and Lenny Huff, The O’Jays

Also, in Chapter 4, Ginger is plays this song and everyone sings along at the wake. The lyrics sum up how the residents of Little Eden live…spreading the love…it is considered as an anti-war song, promoting peace between all humans and all nations.

One Love, Bob Marley, Glee Version

Finally, in Chapter 4, the cafe staff sing One Love in memory of Lilly as it was one of her favorite songs, and she used to hum and sing it all the time. This is the Glee version. If you prefer the original Bob Marley then that’s great too but Glee makes me think of star children because it represents self expression, caring for each other and tolerance of the differences between humans as well as those qualities which bind us as one.

Close Every Door To Me, Tim Rice & Andrew Lloyd Webber

In Chapter 5, Alice sings this haunting song for her new headmistress, Adela Huggins. Joseph and his Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat was my favorite album as a child and we used to play the songs on the piano as well.

Tim Rice and the Really Useful Company kindly gave me permission to print his lyrics in the novel. The RUC were extremely helpful, kind and very generous.

Happy Feet, Milton Ager & Jack Yellen, Pasadena Roof Orchestra

Also featuring in Chapter 5, Tambo cheers everyone up by playing Happy Feet on the piano! I couldn’t find a recorded version I really heard in my head, so this one will have to do!

I’m Every Woman, Chaka Khan

In Chapter 10, Adela Huggins goes to sign up at the gym and meets the boys. She is the embodiment of the female energy – nurturing, compassionate, unconditional. Being sexually charged with that female energy, she brings those in contact with her closer to their own divine self.

Lean on Me, Bill Withers, Glee

Mrs B is listening to this song whilst baking in Chapter 12. She misses Lilly terribly.  They always lent on each other for emotional and practical support. Mrs B has the true saints with her, however, and she knows that their support is eternal, even if it is not three dimensional support. Friends and family may have to leave us for many reasons but our divine connection, when nurtured and strengthened by regular use, can always be with us, especially at the worst of times.

If I Can Dream, Walter Earl Brown, Elvis

In Chapter 15, this song helps to break the spell that has been placed on Sophie and Robert, which is making them feel such despair that they both feel like giving up. As a white dove brings the energy of the Holy Spirit to them, they hear these lyrics in their minds…the song is about building a more compassionate and inclusive world and uses words from Martin Luther King, need I say more?!

Disco Inferno, The Trammps

In Chapter 18, the 12th Night party at the chateau is in full swing! I love a bit of disco to clear the cobwebs and shake away the depression!

You’re Not Alone, Meridith Andrews

In Chapter 23, when Alice is alone in the underground tunnels, she hears Lilly singing this comforting song to her. Although a Christian song, I like to think that the lyrics transcend religion and remind us that there are spirits out there who are trying to comfort us during our time on earth.

Thousand Years, Christina Perri

In the final chapter, this song is sung, by the kids band Otherworld, at Lilly’s Memorial Concert. Little Eden may yet exist for a thousand more years…or not…

“>From a Distance, Julie Gold

The novel ends with Julie Gold’s beautiful lyrics. Julie kindly let me quote her divine lyrics and encouraged me to continue writing the novel. This song always makes me smile and cry at the same time. Crying for the suffering humans endure, as well as crying for humanity’s ability to heal, to care and to endure. This song inspires the idea of a benevolent being watching over us and willing us to live compassionately. When God is Love then Love is the only way that will make the world a better place for us all.

Book Two

Kyrie Eleison, Hildergard of Bingen, 12th Century

Kyrie Eleison means ‘God Have Mercy’. In the Christian tradition chants and prayers act in the same way as mantras and meditations in the Buddhist tradition. Hildegard of Bingen wrote many sacred songs containing keys which help us to connect our hearts and minds to the divine consciousness and allow us to let go of worldly distractions and troubles (for a while at least). Hildegard of Bingen was a feminist in her day and wrote music, poems and prayers. Although she was restricted and very much ‘of her time’ she has left a legacy of divine love behind her to this day.

Crazy, Gnarls Barkely, 2006, Downtown/Warner

This song always seems to sum up what the spiritual journey feels like! You start to ask questions and one answer just leads to another question. After a while your head can start to feel as if it’s going to explode because you know too much. However, the more you progress the more you realise you know nothing at all and that the whole world is a crazy place. All you can do is live a life which you consider to be your best life.

God Gave Me You, Dave Barnes, 2012, Razor & Tie

We all need someone in our lives like Aunt Lilly who listens and helps us back on track but if we are not so lucky as to have that person, there are thousands of angels and spirit guides all waiting to help you from the other side!

This is the Blake Shelton Version too –

Fallin’ for You, Cobi Caillat, 2009, Universal Republic

I found this tune on u-tube and I liked it so I thought I’d include it.

Don’t Dream it’s Over, Crowded House, 1986, Capitol

This is one of my all-time favourite songs and in general I like Crowded House for their unique sound and beautiful poetry and quirky lyrics!

I Can See Clearly Now, Johnny Nash, 1972, Epic

This version is by Hot House Flowers from 1990 which is my favourite cover. I love the way it builds throughout the song till you really can imagine yourself running down the beach, with the wind in your hair and the sun on your face!

Elfenthal, Anon, 14th Century

Elfenthal lyrics mean ‘Let us sing Hail Mary’ and the song is about the angel Gabrielle coming to Mary telling her she would have a holy child. It is symbolic of the divine feminine giving birth to all life on Earth including humans. I couldn’t find out what the translation of the word Elfenthal is in English but I like to think it is about the fairies and angels who help us communicate with our divine-self everyday!

Pomp and Circumstance, Sir Edward Elgar, Military Marches, 1901-1907

This version was recorded at the last night of the Proms in London in 2012. It is a very English anthem and is always played at the end of the Prom Season (a music festival) and everyone bobs up and down to the beat and waves flags. In recent years flags from nations across the world are waved and it really has become an international festival of music! It makes me think of the Englishness of Little Eden combined with the inclusive, global inclusivity of the town too!

Toccata Fuge D Minor, Johann Sebastian Bach, Circa 1704

You’ll recognise this as it is often included in horror films due to it’s dramatic resonance but it is also calming and mellifluous reminding me of a waterfall cascading into a river – washing all the pain away.

Tears in Heaven, Eric Clapton, 1991, Warner Bros

This version is Eric himself but I have included a second version…    

This link is to Tommy Laban – I was trying to find a young boy singing it as Tambo would did for Joshua. It’s really sweet and great job Tommy!

Let it Be, Beatles, 1969, Apple

This link is the original Beatles version

The London Community Gospel Choir singing Let it Be – I love this song in both versions. I remember seeing this choir sing live in Hull and when they began to sing a portal of angels opened above them and I could see etheric light pouring down into the room giving us all the opportunity to connect to the divine source of compassion if we wanted to. This is how I imagine the Little Eden Gospel Choir to sing it.

Listen, Various, 2007, MusicWorld/Columbia

This song shows how disempowerment can be turned into empowerment when we find the inner strength to stand up for ourselves when anyone, whether it be a person or a collective, tries to control us for their own ends. Whether it’s a parent/child or partner/partner or friend/friend, teacher/pupil or government/citizen humans will always try to dominate other humans. This isn’t just for Robert but for Iris and Linnet too!

Shackles, Mary, Mary, 1999, Columbia

Although this is a gospel song it applies to every human on the planet who has ever felt trapped by someone else, the system or even by their own thoughts and deeds. Breaking free from guilt, fear, anger and hate, despair, grief and sadness is so hard – that’s what the angels are here for – to help us cope with that which we feel we cannot cope with but they are not there to make everything right (unfortunately). I feel this song helps me to reconnect, call out and ask for a heavenly hug!

He/She Danced With Me, R.M & R.B Sherman, 1976, Universal Pictures

The Slipper and the Rose could be my favourite film of all time. It may not be as well-known as Chitty Chitty Bang Bang or Mary Poppins, but the Sherman brothers wrote the soundtrack to The Jungle Book and many other great movies too (genius!). Not just for kids; The Slipper and the Rose has a beautiful comedy to it and of course is the timeless Cinderella story. Some people think that Cinderella is out dated but the story is not really about meeting your soul mate, it’s about the spiritual union of the male and female within and once united you gain your sovereignty and enlightenment!

Joyful, Joyful, Henry Van Dyke, 1907

I like to think this song brings people together in song and joy! I feel it’s important to remember that the word God actually means Love and the consciousness of the divine is unconditional, compassionate and the Light! This version is just one of many.

Oh Happy Day, Edwin Hawkins, 1968, Pavilion/Buddah

This is a classic gospel song but I like to think we could change the lyrics to ‘Mary washed my sins away’ (sins meaning anger, hate, frustration, sadness – every emotion which is the opposite of joy!) This version is Andre Rieu with the Harlem and Soweto Gospel Choirs performing in Masstricht – you can’t get much more international than that!

Remember – Faith is not the same as religion and as the great Desmond Tutu says: God is not a Christian…sing, pray, connect, meditate, smile, hug, love and care every day!

Disclaimer: The artists and writers listed have in no way collaborated with me, and I don’t necessarily believe in the lifestyle choices of any of the artists, just as they may not believe in mine.