No.1 Daisy Place Recipes

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Mrs B’s recipes from No.1 Daisy Place Cafe-Bookshop

I hope you’ve been enjoying the recipes in the novel, my loves. You don’t have to be an experienced baker, all the recipes are as simple as they can be and always worth a try! If you send me a photo of your bakes I will put them on here and share them with other readers!

Love Mrs B x

Lucy’s ginger snap cookies are so zingy and sweet they are irresistible and everyone comes back for more!

Here is a link to an ounces to cups converter site for anyone using different measuring devices to us Brits! Cups Converter


Have you tried the Arval Bread yet? Its fabulous for a winter’s eve and even more so for Christmas. It’s a fruity delight hot with cream, custard or melting butter. It keeps for at least 2 weeks so you can have it cold with butter (brandy butter if you like!). Send me your photos to our facebook page Little Eden or the Little Eden group on facebook, I’d love to see them!


India’s slightly healthier but still very squidgy brownies are the best brownies ever – according to at least 3 people anyway! Why not give them a go and a sprinkle of glitter and some unicorns makes them a little bit magical…


Stella’s Carrot Cake and Ginger Snap Cookie Muffins are a rare treat! Double the taste and use either Sophie’s cookies or Lucy’s cookies in them!


Mrs B’s scrumptious scones are melt in the mouth, smooth and crumbly delightful treats essential in any afternoon tea!

Andreas sent in a photo of her brownies – she made India’s brownies for her husband who said they are the best he has ever tasted…and he has had quite a few in his life!

brownies andrea

Louise sent in a photo of her brownies too! She used maple syrup instead of date syrup and said they tasted amazing, so if you can’t find date syrup try maple instead!

Louise also sent in her version of Mrs B’s scones! The whole family loved them, with clotted cream of course!