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All the items for sale are inspired by the crystals used by Sophie and Lucy in the novel, Little Eden, A Magic Book!

I make these beautiful crystal bracelets myself. Each one is lovingly handmade just for you, your friends or family. They make lovely presents, each one comes in a pretty bag, making it a special gift of healing. The necklaces are all assembled by myself and all jewellery carries light and key codes to help you with your ascension, enlightenment and healing journey.



In Chapter 2, Sophie and Lucy give out rose quartz crystals to the mourners at Lilly’s funeral and Varsity mentions she has a purple one at home! This is my take on using these precious and powerful crystals in your life and you can wear them wherever you go!

Lucy also uses a smokey quartz and a tiger’s eye and Lilly’s pearls and Mrs B wears a St Therese necklace to help her remember to ask the Saints for help when she needs it.



In the novel there are Prayers to St Katherine and St Hilda. Mrs B has. St Therese of Lisieux necklace and they all help Robert on his spiritual quest. These are my take on these beautiful consciousnesses and you can take them with you wherever you go!


St Katherine is great for mental tranquility and St Hilda for emotional peace. St Therese helps those who are passing over and those left behind in grief.

We have tumblestones too, Rose quartz, Smokey quartz, Tiger’s Eye and Amethyst are all available singly or in a set of four…

I cleanse and charge all the crystals under the sun and moon and they are always outside in glass jars with the elemental energies! Tumblestones are affordable and easy ways to keep crystals with you (in your pocket, purse, bra, handbag for example) or in your house too. Each tumblestone comes in a pretty white gossamer bag, making it a lovely little gift or stocking filler.


Little Eden, the novel is full of healing and ideas about how you too can weave crystals, flower remedies, holistic therapies, meditation and more into your own life.

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