International Women’s Day

It’s International Women’s Day!

Little Eden is a novel so full of wonderful women – be inspired, be enthralled, open your heart & expand your mind this weekend! (And be in the company of real men too!)

Strong women in film, TV and literature are often portrayed as ‘male’ – the women in Little Eden are strong, compassionate, realistic and use their female qualities to survive!

If Little Eden was a TV series the top actresses would be singing in the streets!

Sophie, for example, is powerful, determined and struggling to stay alive yet wants to help others and wants to fight for what she believes is right!

Lucy is a strong woman, using her mother consciousness to care and provide for her son and her customers & staff.

Lilly embodies the goddess energy – the divine mother – who will care for all those in need whether she gave birth to them or not – the human race are her children!

Alienor represents Eleanor of Aquitaine – a woman who took on Kings and kept her own power. The region of Aquitaine, in France, was one of the last bastions for women keeping their status and their money without giving it all up to their husbands when they married – they were Virgin Queens in the real sense!

Minnie shows how being gay doesn’t mean she has to hide her feminine side but loves the beauty of Venus in all its forms.

Linnet is perhaps the one who lets the side down a little but hey, who hasn’t when faced with a handsome, charming psycho – at least once in their lives – we are all human after all!

Alice brings us the innocence of childhood and yet has more wisdom than most adults!

Shilty uses her femininity to get what she wants. Never underestimate a women who likes sex and is not afraid to take it when and from whom she wants it!

India is holding her own in the business world of men and although less emotional on the surface than some of her fellow characters, she will stand up for justice with her last breath, she is warrior princess!

Stella is the grandmother of them all and watches over them with beauty and with grace. She is the wise owl who carries the wisdom of the ancestors in her blood and who will pass this wisdom to the women around her.

The three stages of the goddess – child, mother and grandmother  – are all represented in Little Eden.

The divine feminine is growing stronger in the old matrix and acting like a trampoline to bounce us into the new! The new matrix divine feminine keys are there for you to use whilst you read Little Eden – you can use them to help you escape from the old matrix patriarchal dominance and from the Thorn of Avalon ‘grand spell’ which keeps women’s voices quiet in the face of injustice and inequality.

The men in Little Eden also carry the divine feminine within them and use it so that their actions are compassionately motivated. Lancelot, Robert, Jack, Johnathon – they are the men we wish the world was full of…the men who protect, who are true white knights!

No wonder we all want to go live in Little Eden!