7. Key & Light codes continued..words and images on social media

  1. How do you pass on key codes? Are you a key code anchorer and/or carrier?

As I previously mentioned in sections 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 of this series about light codes…key and light codes are sent into the etheric bodies or DNA of the planet and of humans. The previous articles can be found on www.patreon.com and search for me KT King.

Another name for codes is spells. The reason we call it a light code is to differentiate between a fear based spell and a compassionate based one.

Codes are passed around in many ways.

Social media

As you are well aware, social media can be a positive and a negative space. Many lightworkers feel they need a break from it from time to time but if we can hold the space of compassion, love and tolerance on all social media then the darkness will not be able to take it over completely!

Words have power and when they are read or spoken, the energy behind them is released.

Each word may have a different energy key inside it, for example, the word ‘Jesus’ can set of all sorts of energetic hooks, hits, blocks, past life memories, keys of consciousness…but not all will have the same effect. ‘Do not take my name in vain’ has true spiritual meaning. Any word can be altered to give off negative energy or positive energy even the word ‘light’ could mean the darkness underneath. My 21st Century Prayers for example use some of the same words as previous prayers but I have changed the codes behind the letters to new matrix ones. I would never say a prayer in the past as I felt the darkness woven into them but there was also light. It can be difficult to feel the difference between codes but we can learn to be vigilant and sensitive to them with practice and time.

There are plenty of people on social media who claim to be channels, spiritual, ascended etc…in fact it’s quite the multi-million pound business is ‘spirituality’ these days but at least that makes it accessible to most people and social media can be a place to grow and learn from, if you can tell the fake from the true that is but we all learn by falling too and we have all done that from time to time!

Images have power too. Think of the energy we place upon an image – one person may like an image and another may not but what lies behind the image is more important than the individual’s opinion of it. If the image carries light codes it will shine like a beacon. Images of Buddha, roses, lotus flowers and alike can carry light codes with them. Some people post photos of themselves when they believe that they are a portal to source. Some images have double codes – dark and light within them and some are just dark!

As Dr G says in Little Eden, “Do not be deceived by ordinary appearances!”

Images (which have not been tampered with) of Winston Churchill, Martin Luther King, Desmond Tutu, the Dalai Lama…I could go on…these all transcend their earthly energy and raise us into key codes of bravery, courage, justice, truth, kindness, tolerance and all that is sacred in humanity, the image alone is enough to raise our consciousness upwards.

Be careful what you look at on social media for appearances can be deceiving but when you find an image or a post which is pure light, share it if you can because that way you send the light right through the collective consciousness!