Light codes and keys continued…

  1. How do you pass on key codes? Are you a key code anchorer and/or carrier?

As I previously mentioned in sections 1, 2 & 3 of this series about light codes…key and light codes are sent into the etheric bodies or DNA of the planet and of humans.

Another name for codes is spells. The reason we call it a light code is to differentiate between a fear based spell and a compassionate based one.

Codes are passed around in many ways.

Sacred sites

We do not always know we are doing code work, most of the time we are oblivious to it but sometimes it is obvious when we are compelled to visit sacred sites & sometimes we have to leave a crystal, feather or some other object there.

What are sacred sites? In my novel, Little Eden, Sophie assumes that scared sites have to be well known ones…

Sophie sighed. “It seems unlikely; I mean, there are far more famous holy sites around the world than our little corner of London – Stonehenge, for example.”

“Do not be deceived by ordinary appearances!” Dr G reminded her. “Do you think important work is done in the middle of Piccadilly Circus, as you say here. You are using Western thinking again. You think busy places are important places, but they are not the places to do serious work. No, no, no, indeed! One must also have secret places, quiet places, safe places.”

There are many famous and busy sacred sites and you may be drawn to them for many reasons. You may need to help with clearing, you may need to let go of your own attachment to them or clear past lives. You may need to pick up some codes and keys from there for your own enlightenment and to pass to other people or places.

Depending on where you live in the world, sacred sites can be in the middle of nowhere or they could be in the middle of a city. You may be guarding a very important site which seems unimportant to everyone else!

Churches & Temples

Churches are usually built on sacred sites and act as a marker. One problem is that religions have plugged the original portal like putting a cork in a bottle. Their spells can lock the compassionate codes inside the portal and only when released does the source energy rise again. Many of you have been helping uncork these sites across the world. They are also linked together like a matrix across the globe and work done in one may trigger a domino effect.

Springs & Rivers

Springs, by their very nature, are portals. A river also acts as a portal – bringing and taking energy through the landscape. Large rivers which flow into the oceans can be used to send keys and codes into the Earth’s body of water. I remember putting key codes into the sea at Whitby which then circulated around the globe.

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Love KT

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