Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Chronic fatigue Syndrome

In my new novel, Little Eden, out later this year, one of my main characters has CFS just as I do. In the book, Sophie Lawerence has had to give up her home, her job and all she had worked for and go back to live with her sister in Little Eden. I know personally what this is like, to lose everything and have to rely on the charity of family to survive, without whom I would be homeless and by now dead. I wanted to show that all of us who suffer with CFS are worthy of Love and can still be useful in society and make a contribution – not matter how small. I have suffered with it for 25 years with 3 major relapses and I am currently still unable to work more than a few hours a month. I have found solace in my writing and hope that Sophie can raise awareness of the condition but also be a beacon of hope – when helped by others – anyone with a disability can regain some sense of self-worth which they are stripped of when the disability is not considered worthy of state aid and when it is hidden to outsiders.

Be kind to those is distress for it is only by the grace of God it is them and not you who suffers….

Here is an article giving some basic and quick information about the condition…click on the link