The gift of healing

Healing, light, love, compassion…this is the spirit of Christmas.

Are you looking for the spirit of Christmas? Giving gifts at Christmas which carry healing and light surely are the best ones to give and receive? Enlightenment is priceless and eternal. All my gifts are inspired by my novel Little Eden – A Magic Book.

You can browse my Etsy Shop from the comfort of your cosy chair KTKingShop and receive them in beautiful packaging in time for Christmas!

Energy and consciousness can be transferred into objects. Just think of a gift you have from a loved one or an ancestor and how it makes you feel – you would not part with it – it means so much. We also say ‘given with love’ when we really ‘give’ something to someone we care about, the gift is filled with energy and you can feel it.

My jewellery is filled with the divine compassion and the crystals are all charged with star energy.

Spiritual leaders have always placed enlightenment keys into bracelets, amulets, statues, shrines, rings and alike. Actually anyone can do this for good or bad. Divine energy is forever free, never grasping, always evolving. I have been working with energies for over 20 years and am always careful about which frequencies I channel. To channel the light can take years of spiritual development and requires knowledge of how to discern the difference between frequencies.

Crystals carry invisible energy but some people can see and feel it. Whether you can feel it or see it doesn’t mean they are not working.

Healing, light, love, compassion…this is the spirit of Christmas.

Supporting crafts people like myself who lovingly make handmade gifts means you are also supporting someone directly rather than the fat cats living in the Cayman Islands!

I buy most of my components from other crafts people from all over the world, supporting others in turn.

Happy Christmas and thanks for reading.

I hope to see you in my Etsy Shop KTKingShop really soon!

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