Staying in with KT King

A huge thank you to Linda for helping me, she is a true earth angel.

Linda's Book Bag

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It’s been a real pleasure finding new authors and being a very small part of their publishing journey here on Linda’s Book Bag this year. I’m delighted to welcome KT King today to tell me all about her debut novel.

Staying in with KT King

Welcome to Linda’s Book Bag KT.

Thank you for inviting me to stay in with you!

My pleasure! Tell me, which of your books have you brought to tell us about this evening?

IMG_7269 (1)

Staying in sounds such a cosy and lovely idea so I have chosen to bring my debut novel Little Eden ~ A Magic Book because it’s cosy and quirky and it’s packed full of tea and cakes too!

(Now that sounds perfect. A book, tea and cakes. It’s difficult to think of anything better! Tell me a bit more.)

Little Eden is thrilling, cosy, exciting, comforting and enlightening but what makes it…

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