Writing an ebook my tips

Formatting for an e-book – how to

I now realise I wish I had thought about the formatting of the text from the beginning! I thought it would be done at conversion but apparently not!

So here are my tips:

Look at Kindle books (you can use the Look Inside option on Amazon – and make sure you click on kindle version at the top) so that you can see how others have presented their work.

Some people have fairly plain text but some add flourishes and images.

Apparently some e-readers change the fonts you originally used so my idea for some fancy fonts has fallen flat and it’s New Times Roman all the way – maybe a size change and some italics and bold to break it up a bit! If you are going for fancy fonts make sure that are free for commercial use, just google ‘free fonts’ and you’ll see sites offering them.

Most people seem to go for no line space but indent the first line of each paragraph including speech so you can do this as you go along or after the chapter as a block by clicking on ‘paragraph’ in Word. Some default indents look too deep – I am going for 0.4 cm.

As a self-publisher there is a lot of work needed to get your book to translate onto an e-reader so it’s best to do it as you go along from the start – at least for my second book – that’s what I will be doing! 😉

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