Writing an ebook my tips

Writing a novel – the pit falls

So, for the last 5 years I have been suffering from a severe bout of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and unable to work. Luckily my parents took me back at age 40 which was a blow to my ego I have to say!

I spent the first two years in bed and 2012 was a total right off. But I had been wanting to write all my life, even as a child I used to play The Famous Five with friends but I was always Enid Blyton!

So when I could think, I would think about a book or rather a series of books. I began to develop characters in my mind and their family trees and history and over time I got to know them like friends.

#Little Eden is the title of my first novel which I hope to have published as a ebook this year – fingers crossed!

I learnt the hard way though – my first draft was too long – nearly 200 thousand words and an average novel of 100 thousand so editing it was harder than writing it in the first place!

I had let my ideas and imagination just go wild and had to reign it in!

Then there is the spelling and grammar to think about which is not my forte and when in the throws of creativity it’s the last thing on my mind!

Then I kept forgetting what happened in each chapter and trying to find bits in the plot to edit was a trawl through and I wished I had made detailed notes of who, what, where and when for each chapter.

I also added quotes, food, songs and complimentary therapies and again, much more detailed notes from the first draft would have saved so much time!

Getting it proof read costs a fortune but even others reading it for me didn’t pick up on all the typos and I must have gone over it a million times myself, so I reckon I’ll have to pay!

Being rejected by publishers wasn’t great but I never really expected to be accepted as my novel does not fit into any current category, being women’s interest, sci-if, historical romance, gothic and adventure! I did not go for the easy option but I wrote what I wanted to read so it was never going to fit into a box!

So it’s self-publishing as an ebook it seems which is a minefield in itself.

When going it alone – I would suggest make notes all the time and keep them up to date and keep it short as you write each chapter so you don’t have to go back and alter it completely. (In the end I have gone for about 9 pages a chapter which would take about 30 minutes to read so someone can read a chapter a night before bed) And I would also recommend putting some money aside for proof reading. And if you can, write what’s in fashion and what fits into a sales category but then again that’s not necessarily a creative way to go about things but the business world loves to categorise things!

I am so excited now it’s nearly there though (only about 2 years later than I had hoped) but I reckon it’s a case of never give up and never give in as one of my characters, Lilly, would say!

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